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Monday cannon fodder: Canadian beach soccer professionals

2017 Miami Open - Day 3
this is not the Brazilian team
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Welcome to the working week! How was your weekend? I spent mine out of town, ignoring the internet for the most part, which means I also missed the game yesterday - I watched highlights though, it was fun to watch them actually play well.

Brazil had a good weekend, winning their sixth Beach Soccer World Cup over Tahiti, 6-0.

Swansea also had a good weekend, moving out of the relegation places with two games to go.

If you self identify as a “soccer hooligan”, you’re a damn idiot who makes 13 year old kids cry.

Another week, another racist incident in Italy aimed at a soccer player.

Canada has announced plans to form its own professional league - not to draw Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal away from MLS, but to provide a pro league one level below that league in order to develop Canadian talent.

Speaking of Canadian teams in MLS, Philadelphia got its first win in eight months this weekend over Montreal, Seattle lost to Toronto, and Vancouver beat Colorado.

Elsewhere in MLS, Portland had scheduled a game in San Jose but apparently decided not to show up, so. And Minnesota United won again!

Ever wonder where a lot of the weird terms used in talking about soccer come from? Wonder no more!