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Wenger open to “making peace” with Mourinho

That seems quite a ways away though

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League
Wenger and Mourinho getting feisty with each other during a match.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

With Arsenal and Manchester United set to face off this weekend, much attention has naturally turned to the long-standing managerial rivalry between our dear Arsène Wenger and the arrogant blowhard/self-proclaimed “special one” Jose Mourinho. Yet Wenger has indicated that the animosity between the two may not be permanent.

“I am open always in life to everything, for peace,” he said recently, per The Guardian. However, don’t expect that peace to come anytime soon.

“What is important when you are a competitor is you give absolutely everything to win the next game,” Wenger said. That sentiment jives with Wenger’s (and Mourinho’s) intensely competitive nature, so in other words, don’t expect any sort of peace-making between the two to occur while they are both active managers.

Wenger went on to say of the upcoming match, “I do not make of it a managers’ fight. I want that my team shows up and gives a performance on Sunday and plays well.” Which is a pretty sagely perspective from our guy.

Anyways, I’m off to go work on my buddy comedy pitch for CBS, “Two Old Managers.”