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Cannon Fodder News and Links: May The Fourth Be With You

And may the Star Wars references be plentiful

Star Wars Celebration Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

May the fourth be with you, fellow Arsenal fans (in more ways than one)! Instead of spending time watching Star Wars movies on my couch, which I would like to be doing, I will be preparing for final exams all day. Let’s talk about something much more enjoyable.

After two decades, Totti has decided to call it a career.

Mbappé wasn’t even born when Buffon made his first appearance for Juventus!

Guillermo Schelotto could be the first manager of L.A F.C.

Even though he only managed Liverpool for nine years, is Bob Paisley the greatest of all time?

Keep an eye out for Ajax in future competitions.

Thinking of Aaron Lennon during this difficult time.

Antoine Griezmann gains a new suitor every day and Manchester United may not be happy about this one.

Every time UEFA experiments with new strategies for penalty kicks everyone seems dissatisfied.