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2017 Arsenal preseason tour dates finalized

Arsenal have their travel plans finalized.

Arsenal Training and Press Conference Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

With memories of a glorious FA Cup win still fresh in our minds, there truly is only one thing we want to know: when does it all start again?

Sure, there’s the future of the manager, transfers in and out to manage and a whole season still to chew over, but soccer is a ravenous beast that cannot stop moving for fear we find other hobbies. With this in mind, Arsenal have their summer tour planned.

First stop is Australia where they will train for a couple of weeks and play two friendlies in Sydney: July 13th against Sydney FC and July 17th versus Western Sydney Wanderers.

The team then flies to Shanghai, China, for a match against Bayern Munich on July 19th as a part of the International Champions Cup. It is the only game in Arsenal play associated with this, so it is uncertain if they even have a shot to claim their first trophy of the year. More likely, this is one of the money games to promote the brand, so perhaps there will even be a decent set of star players for this one.

Then on July 22nd, Arsenal move to Beijing to face their Premier League rivals Chelsea in a mock Community Shield warm-up. It’s likely to be less exciting than the FA Cup or the Charity Shield, but hey, it’s happening. Watch it!

Finally come’s the marquee event of the year: The Emirates Cup!

Taking place the weekend of July 29th and 30th, Arsenal will contend for The Best Self-Promotion Preseason Cup ever (trademark pending) against Benfica, Seville and RB Leipzig. Because they don’t want to seem to be playing favourites, Arsenal will face Benfica on the 29th and Seville on the 30th, leaving lowly Leipzig and open door to be surprise victors. But Arsenal will totally win this.

With another bit of training, its on to the Community Shield and then a full season of fun, disaster, anger, joy and vomiting. Cheers, Gooners.