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Aaron Ramsey is your God now

Haters to the back

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Leave your complaint about selfishness at the door. Leave your snide workhorse dig out. Aaron Ramsey is your God now.

The man has won Arsenal two FA Cups in four years. He scored a backheel at Spurs. If you prefer another player, that is fine, but if you viscerally hate Aaron Ramsey, then you must pray for his forgiveness, because, as I’ve established, he’s your god now.

Your dad’s favourite player, N’Golo Kanté, was literally chasing Ramsey’s shadow in the 79th minute—the minute when Ramsey’s stooping header won the Cup for Arsenal. (Speaking of, guess who won the ball back from Chelsea before the first goal: Aaron Ramsey. Guess who lost it: N’Golo Kanté.)

In the 79th minute, Arsenal could’ve sat back. They could’ve faded, after the deflating nature of Chelsea’s equaliser. But they didn’t. Alexis played the ball for Olivier Giroud in the channel, and instead of Giroud turning back, he was able to make a cross into the box, because Aaron Ramsey had made one of his countless intelligent runs into the penalty box, because Aaron Ramsey is an excellent player who never hides on the pitch.

Aaron Ramsey won the Cup again, and therefore, Aaron Ramsey is your god now. Please respect rhinos accordingly.