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Remembering a fond Arsenal FA Cup Final memory

Out of all the great performances in the history of Arsenal in the Final, one stands out above the rest

Arsenal v Hull City - FA Cup Final Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Looking back on particular moments of sporting events generally, for me, distorts how it actually played out in real time. It’s only after reflection and thought that the moment first morphs from my initial reaction and then settles in, like a nice foundation, as the chosen way I will forever remember it.

There is, however, one very notable and hilarious exception to this, and that’s then-Arsenal keeper Łukasz Fabiański’s moment of madness in 116th minute of the 2014 FA Cup Final versus Hull City.

My initial reaction was:

That was roughly three years ago this week. Although the memory and moment should have had the smooth hands of time massage it nice and gently, mainly because Arsenal ended up holding on for the victory, my reaction these days whenever I see a replay of Fabiański’s charge out of the box is still something along the lines of this:

At any rate, God bless you Łukasz, you reckless bastard.