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Bild: Arsenal offer Alexis £330K a week, Bayern can’t compete with that

Huge if true. No, really!

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

The fate of Alexis Sanchez - well, his employment fate, not his, like, Seventh Seal chess game sense fate - has been one of the biggest things swirling around Arsenal in the last several months. The will-he-won’t-he of it all has gotten to the level where people are, somewhat pointlessly, analyzing his body language and facial expressions during matches for clues as to what he will do. SPOILER ALERT: that doesn’t work.

Anyway, both club and player have, as per usual in these situations, been silent about negotiations - Arsenal don’t do things in public, and Sanchez is very much a “focus on the season” kind of guy as well. But, now the season’s over, so it’s time to focus on things like contracts, because we can’t just enjoy the sport as sport any more.

There’s a story in this morning’s Bild which says, and I quote (via google translate):

In order for the Chilean not to change, Arsenal offers him a new mega-salary when the contract is extended. According to BILD information just over 20 million euros per year.

If this report is true, that equates to almost £332K a week, which blows away both his current salary, which is rumored to be around £140K/week, and also the figure of £280K he was reportedly demanding to stay.

The £332K figure is enough to scare off Bayern, whose current top earner, Robert Lewandowski, reportedly earns £265K a week and who have a very strict salary structure that they may be unwilling to blow up, even for a Sanchez-level talent.

There are a few unknowns here: first and foremost whether this report is true. That number is so far out of whack with what was expected and what Arsenal are currently paying that it’s either a complete fabrication from Bild, or it’s Arsenal overpaying for Alexis to ensure he stays through a non-Champions League season.

I am very skeptical that this number is correct. If it is, it would mean that Alexis Sanchez would be outearning Gareth Bale, by about £70K/week, which considering how much Real is paying Bale is kinda crazypants. At the point where Alexis is making £330K/week, that’s PSG-level money.

I do believe, as mentioned, that Arsenal will have to overpay if they want to keep Alexis-level talent during a Europa League season, but there’s overpaying and then there’s this. So while I’d love to see Arsenal re-sign Alexis, I’m pretty sure this is not the deal they’re offering.