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Tuesday cannon fodder: Elbow transfer showstopper

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Birmingham City Ladies v Manchester City Women - SSE Women's FA Cup Final

Carli Lloyd went to Manchester to play for Manchester City before returning to the NWSL this summer, and she’s had some success, winning the FA Cup in her time there. Her time there, however, is gonna be cut pretty short, because of an elbow she threw that led to her being suspended for three of City’s four remaining games.

VfL Wolfsburg are in the Bundesliga’s relegation playoffs. If they get relegated, what will that mean for one of their main sponsors, a company dealing with its own crises?

Points won per pound spent is a really, really stupid way to look at how the Premier League works. But someone did it anyway.

A girls 12-14 team in Spain joined an all-boys league on a bet, probably because someone said they couldn’t compete, and guess what? They won the league. Comfortably.

John Terry can’t even leave the English game without causing a damn stink.

Antoine Griezmann rates his chances of joining Manchester United at about the same grade I got in most every math class I’ve ever taken.