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Wednesday cannon fodder: Money, that’s what I want

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Ascot Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Bayern Munich apparently likes transfer rumors about as much as we do at TSF, if this lawsuit is any indication.

Doctors discovered a brain tumor inside retired USWNT star Lauren Holiday when she was pregant with her first child. Seven months later, thankfully, she’s on the mend.

That horrifying attack against the Dortmund team bus last month was nothing but a cheap money grab by fucking idiots who were trying to wreck Dortmund’s share price and make a profit on it.

Speaking of profit, West Ham won’t be making any off the naming rights to London Stadium, at least not yet.

The newest team in The MLS, Los Angeles FC, doesn’t start play until next season and doesn’t even have a completed stadium yet, but they have already sold out all their swanky seats.

Champions Chelsea are set to earn £1 million a game as a Premier League payout this year, with each spot below dropping by about £2 million per place.

Since most of this post is about money, I will leave you with this, one of the better songs from a criminally underrated album. I mean, everyone raves about Exile in Guyville, but don’t sleep on this album.