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Laurent Koscielny’s Achilles is in constant need of treatment

Which sounds pretty awful by all accounts but might not be that bad.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Laurent Koscielny has revealed that chronic pain to his Achilles will require daily treatment on it for the rest of his career and that, on occasion, he may have to miss some time due to it in order to prolong said career.

Per The Evening Standard:

“I have some problems,” he said. “Now it is better. I know it is a difficult injury because you need to work every day on this. Every morning I have my treatment for my Achilles and I know I need to do this to the end of my career.

Now, every day I do this and it is OK but sometimes with all the games we play every three days, it is difficult and I need to have a rest to recover well for my Achilles. That’s why last time I was injured but now it is OK with this.”

This ailment shouldn’t be anything new or alarming as he was diagnosed with it in October 2014 when he was with the French national team, but as he’s aged and put more miles on his body it might now be time for him to take it more seriously and spend more time treating it.

“It is not difficult but you need to be careful with this because if you stop doing your own exercise programme for one or two weeks, the problem will come back. I know now I need to do this every day to be fit for my team.

I am prepared to miss Sunderland to be fit for the last two games of this season. Sometimes it is better to miss one game to be fit for the others.”

Kos also went on to throw his support behind Arsene Wenger, despite not knowing what the future holds for him, and discussed how everyone on the team is focused on the club and taking the maximum number of points possible the rest of the way.

“We are all in the same boat and the captain is Arsenal. We need to fight for this club and don't think about what is happening with the boss or the players. This is a situation, maybe some players don't feel great, but you need to be focused on our job and have the best results for Arsenal.”

Finally, the French defender touched on the rumor of a potential partner in the back joining the club next season, Schalke’s leftback Sead Kolasinac, and Arsenal’s attractiveness to players even should they miss the Champions League in the coming season.

“I think that they know the players they want,” he added. “They know for a long time so I think if we are qualified or not for the Champions League they have targets in their head and they will do everything to have the best players for us, a player who can help the team to be better and who can change the team to have some more positive results for this club. Would Kolasinac do that? I hope!”