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Monday cannon fodder: new week, new badge, new league

General Views of UK Sporting Venues
guess we won’t be seeing this place next season
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Monday! Do anything fun this weekend? I went on my first “extended” bike ride of the spring. It was only about 24 miles, but it was good to do more than go the seven cumulative mies back and forth to work in the rain for once. And it didn’t even rain!

The rest of the league tried to help Arsenal crack the top four, with both Manchester United and Manchester City dropping points, but Arsenal had to Arsenal it, because we can no longer have nice things.

David Moyes’ Sunderland got relegated to the Championship in what Moyes called his “worst day in football”. Despite their draw, Boro are pretty much guaranteed to be next, as their next dropped point will ensure they can’t catch 17th-placed Hull City.

Arsene Wenger’s seat may be uncomfortably hot, but the first few paragraphs of this article reminded me once again of why I have and will always have such tremendous respect for the man.

Liverpool are changing, slightly, their crest for their 125th anniversary season next year. As someone who remembers - and shared - the disdain for Manchester United dropping the words “Football Club” from their crest in 1998, this article about logo changes and their reception with fans - including Arsenal’s - was pretty interesting.

This weekend in The MLS League, Seattle came back from a 3-0 deficit and scored two goals very late to get a point against New England, Portland twice surrendered a lead but managed to get a point in Dallas (the first point Dallas have conceded at home all season), Orlando City continued its fantastic start to the season, and Vancouver won the Battle Of Canada (a name I totally made up just now) over Montreal.