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Our Favorite “Wenger Outs”

The Short Fuse’s resident millennial weighs in on the latest Arsenal-related “me-me.”

Besides the win Wednesday, Wenger hasn’t had much to... not pout about.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

We may be a bit late for the “Wenger Out” train, but hopefully we can still get a seat. After being featured in places like The Independent and even the BBC, the Wenger Out banner phenomenon has reached an all time peak in popularity. While some of the banners seem to be scribbled with marker on looseleaf paper, many were created with surprising workmanship. There have also been some impressive Photoshops (by people other than me). I’ve compiled some of our favorite banners into one convenient place, as well as put my own Photoshop skills to the test, because what’s The Short Fuse without taking things one step further?

At an Australian rugby match

In 1948

My incredible Photoshop skills

In this (horrible) Pepsi ad

At the Zuma protests in South Africa

Trump reading up on the situation

My incredible Photoshop skills again

Trump making his decision

At a Coldplay concert in Singapore

On the street in London

At a basketball match in Saudi Arabia

Seen any good ones we haven’t? Share your favorite ones or the ones we’ve missed in the comments!