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Wednesday cannon fodder: beeping party promoting beagles

The American Kennel Club Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2016
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s the middle of the week, baseball’s in full swing (sorry not sorry) and there’s an Arsenal game today, so all in all it’s a pretty good day. How’s your week going so far?

If you believe Jose Mourinho, Luke Shaw’s week isn’t going very well.

The women’s national team from the Republic of Ireland is threatening to go on strike, in no small part because they have to change for matches in public bathrooms and they have to share warmup gear with youth team squads. Reminder: it’s 2017.

Things for the women’s team are marginally better in the US, but USWNT star Becky Sauerbrunn says that ongoing negotiations between the women’s team and US Soccer should also include a “healing process” between the women’s and men’s team, given how these negotiations started.

Have you ever taken the beep test? I have, in high school. It was brutal.

As much as soccer’s influence on culture can be overly romanticized a lot of the time, stories like this one about refugees using soccer to help assimilate to life in the US are pretty cool.

You know what else is cool? When a beagle takes over a soccer game.

Jamie Vardy almost quit soccer to become a party promoter in Ibiza, a headline that I can’t improve on in the slightest.