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Coquelin misses training, and may miss tomorrow’s match

Arsenal’s injury woes in central midfield continue

Well, it looks like Arsenal has sustained yet another injury in central midfield. Jeorge Bird has reported on twitter that Francis Coquelin missed training today and will have to be re-evaluated ahead of the match against West Ham tomorrow.

While we at The Short Fuse never want someone to get injured, Coquelin is, well, absolutely terrible at soccer. So, him missing this match could end up being a case of addition by subtraction. Of course, it would have been preferable for Coquelin to miss this match because Wenger finally realizes his general awfulness at soccer.

And this does leave the Gunners a bit thin in central midfield, especially since Santi Cazorla is out as well and Aaron Ramsey is still recovering from injury. My guess is this means we will see a pairing of Granit Xhaka and Mohamed Elneny tomorrow, although I suppose Wenger could try the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in a deep central midfield role experiment again.

Anyways, be sure to tune in to the West Ham match tomorrow afternoon to show things will go horribly horribly wrong for Arsenal this time.