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Tuesday cannon fodder: Unbalanced potato tar heels

Gonzaga v North Carolina Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

North Carolina are your 2017 NCAA men’s basketball champions. They win theirs the day after South Carolina won the women’s title yesterday.

Gael Clichy says that protesting Arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for.

David Moyes is being asked to explain himself after he told a female reporter she might “get a slap”.

Diego Maradona is suing Konami for using his likeness without his permission.

Despite nobody wanting it, and despite no team talking about it seriously in years, some American dude thinks there’ll be a 39th game in an unbalanced Premier League schedule before too long, because money.

The Premier League will not allow its referees to speak to the media any time soon.

A potato cannot play the role of fish.