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Monday cannon fodder: Loony, half-Cascadian madness

South Carolina v Gonzaga
safety seats
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So how was the weekend? It’s the first week of baseball season, so things are lookin’ up. Also discovered that because we did our withholding wrong on our taxes, we’re getting a big fat refund - I’d rather not give the government an interest free loan for a year, but I’ll take the check and fix the problem for next year.

Also, my condolences to Hood River Duck and all the other Duck fans reading this, but at least we got half a Cascadia championship game, so that’s good.

Crystal Palace are trying to make it worth Wilfried Zaha’s time not to go anywhere this summer.

Celtic won the Scottish Premier League this weekend - their sixth straight title, and they won it with eight matches still to play. They’re unbeaten in 30, and have only two losses on the season.

Did you know Adama Traore had a new haircut?

Congratulations to Minnesota United of the MLS League Of Soccer, on picking up their first-ever MLS win Saturday. For those MNU fans who aren’t sure what that means, it’s when your team scores MORE than the other team.

The New York Cosmos have been around a while. Darlings of the original NASL, they’ve had various iterations since that league ceased to be in 1984. They were, however, one unsent fax away from folding this past winter. Also: who faxes anything anymore?

The journalist who asked Bastian Schweinsteiger if he could help Chicago win the World Cup has apologized for asking a dumb question, which was a pretty classy thing to do given the crap he’s been getting. It would have been really easy for him to just ignore the gaffe and move on, but he owned up to it.

Meanwhile, Schweinsteiger scored on his debut as the Fire drew 2-2 with Montreal.

Former player Stan Collymore writes about how Brexit might mean that England won’t be able to attract the Messis and the Cristiano Ronaldos of the world. Um, Stan? They already can’t. That’s not a change. Ronaldo actually left England, remember? Brexit probably won’t change much, really, unless the TV money dries up.