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FA Cup Final: Where you won’t be sitting, how you won’t get a ticket

News that (some of) you (might maybe find you) can use (if you’re lucky enough)

General Aerial Views Across London
This is as close as we’ll probably all get
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

I don’t know if you heard, but Arsenal are in the FA Cup Final! Wacky, right? Anyway, a few of the business bits of Cup Final Day have been announced, to wit:

- Arsenal will be given 28,000 tickets for the Final, up from 25,00 in 2015. Chelsea’s allocation is the same.

- Arsenal’s 28,000 supporters will be sitting at the east end of Wembley.

Fancy yourself one of those 28,000? Don’t hold your breath, non-season-ticket-holding American Arsenal supporter, because here’s how that works. If you’re either an Away Scheme member or a Platinum or Gold member, you get rights to buy one ticket per membership automatically IF you’ve been to at least three away matches since the start of the 2014/15 season.

If you’re a Platinum or Gold member who has been to less than three but more than zero away matches in that same timeframe, you’ll be able to “register an interest” in buying a ticket. This does not guarantee you a ticket, but it does guarantee that you’ll be in the lottery to get them when the number of these registrations exceeds the number of available tickets, which it will. Are you a Red member? Are you not a member at all, but you’d still like a ticket? Sorry, no tickets for you. Don’t look so surprised.

If you’re not one of the three membership categories who can get tickets, but you still want to go, I guess there’s stubhub/seatgeek, or just roll up on the day and buy a ticket the old fashioned way, for way more than face value from a scalper for cash. I did that once, and it was an amazing day out - even if it is, to this day, the only FA Cup final Arsene Wenger has ever lost.