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Arsenal vs. Leicester: Community rating results

I’m learning as I go!

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Apparently, in Google Forms - which is the new format we’re using for doing community ratings - there’s a setting you can set which will allow people who take the poll to see the results. I’m just getting the hang of Google Forms, and I didn’t know that was a thing. So, going forward, I’ll set that - and I’ve actually gone back and set it in the Arsenal v. Leicester poll as well. After you take the poll, you’ll see an option marked “See previous responses”. Click on that option and you’ll get all sorts of results! Well, you’ll get results of the player ratings poll, anyway.

If you don’t want to go back to that post, though, here’s a link if you can’t get to the Google form directly.

Looks like Nacho and Granit Xhaka were y’all’s picks for players of the game - Xhaka had just over half of you rate him a 7 or an 8, and Nacho was just a bit higher than that and had more people rating him as a 9.

What do you think of the Google form as a way to rate players? For that matter, what do you think of rating players? We’re always looking to bring you cool stuff you want to engage with, so is this that, or is there something else you’d like to see us do?