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Wednesday cannon fodder: salary calf data

Google Builds Computing Center In Oregon
This is pretty much the view from my office
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Welcome to Wednesday! Welcome to match day!

In Tuesday’s action, Chelsea got one step closer to the title after beating Southampton, restoring (at least until today) their seven point lead at the top of the table. Spurs play Crystal Palace today, so here’s hoping Palace can continue to take points off teams they have no business beating.

Gareth Bale has a tear in his left calf and will be out of action till mid-May, and may miss the rest of the season.

As Arsenal (reportedly) contemplate hiring a director of football, one of the best ones in the game is off the market.

With Arsene seemingly committed to the three man back line for now, here’s a look at a few other examples of that in English football and how they fared.

In an increasingly data-driven age for soccer, how is that data collected? By Xbox controllers, a lot of the time.

Speaking of data, The MLS releases salary data for its players twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The spring numbers came out today. Notably, FC Dallas, one of the best teams in the league in recent years and the only team without a loss, is 17th out of 22 currently active MLS teams in total payroll, because their youth development program is probably the best in MLS.