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Tuesday cannon fodder: High paid unpaid northeastern yo-yo’s

Arsenal v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images,

There has always been a disparity in English soccer. No, not the usual one between the Premier League and the clubs that have to fight for the crumbs; this one is between the London clubs and the clubs in the north east of England.

Meanwhile, in news from that other disparity, Leyton Orient players and staff are asking the Football League to step in after yet another month of not being paid.

Newcastle United, of course, are bucking that trend, as they clinched promotion yesterday and are currently riding the yo-yo up the string to the Premier League, before their inevitable drop back down in 2018/19. Pro/rel, everybody!

Chicharito is reportedly about to become the highest paid player in MLS history, if the rumors of him signing for LAFC are true.

Dropping down a league, there were some banterific hijinks in the stands as Louisville City traveled to Cincinnati to take on their rivals FC Cincinnati. Did I say hijinks? I meant to say real life poop emoji.

That game was notable also because the crowd there was bigger - only slightly, like 200 people, but still - than the crowd for the Reds/Cubs game that same night. That fact, however, is a novelty rather than a harbinger of doom for baseball - baseball’s attendances always pick up in the summer, and also it’s a false choice that you can only like one or the other, because both sports are fun.

The first few of my trips to England in my youth were generally around this time of year, which means I spent an inordinate amount of time in pubs watching the snooker. I also tried to play snooker a few times, and I was hilariously, almost criminally bad at it. But it’s fun!

Remember the good old days, when it took a manager like Arsene Wenger a whole bunch of years without trophies to be labeled a failure as a manager?