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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Thursday Means Trials and Tribulations

But only for twenty-four hours.

The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Finals

Thursday, that unfortunate day between Wednesday and Friday, has arrived. Do not fear, friends, because soon it will be the weekend and that means football (and the FA Cup). April is also winding down and the summer months mean trophy games will be played.

I would like to do some more hiking this summer. Does anyone have any interesting summer plans?

Monaco offered a token of their gratitude regarding the events that occurred in Dortmund last week.

I like the idea but I’m not quite sure about the final product.

The stadium renderings for LAFC look pretty interesting.

Will Stan Kroenke appear on Survivor? Big Brother?

Will Fabregas take his talents to Milan?

Wednesday evening with rather historic for Juventus.

A Madrid derby? Experience against youth (Real Madrid v. Monaco)? What do the semifinals of the Champions League hold?

Bayern Munich have filed a complaint about the way their fans were treated.