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Arsenal 2-2 City: Full, detailed, match report

this is tiring

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

There is no enjoyment. There are feelings. Anger, anguish. Grief. A hint of calm. Something approaching happiness, though viewed through the prism of alienation it might be more accurately described as tempered optimism. You reach for the words to describe what you’re seeing, before realising it’s another variation of what you’ve written before. The words don’t come. They’ve not for some time. It’s all repetitive. “Is this past or present? I can’t seem to make it all out.” Finally, anguish, resignation falls away to apathy.

Arsenal are a very bad football team, who are badly coached and their players are playing below their collective level. Manchester City are a better coached side, and the better coached side looked far better than the bad team, who continue to suck. Because Arsene Wenger focused on fight and focus, rather than tactics, it was disjointed and messy. But because they focused on fight they did enough to get a draw.