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Wednesday cannon fodder: bring on the robot video TV’s

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
That’s Taylor Motter. He’s kinda badass.
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

How many high-profile tide-turning offside goals will it take to convince you that video assistant refereeing is a good idea? Here’s the latest one, ar 0:54 of the video - one that would be overturned in less time than it took Real Madrid to celebrate this goal that helped Real beat Bayern Munich, and for the teams to get back to midfield to restart play. And that wasn’t the only bad call in this game that could have been made right with technology.

They’re not getting relegated and they’re not going to win the Champions League. Leicester has let me down.

US Soccer, the NWSL, and MLS are hosting a summit to discuss head injuries in soccer.

Portsmouth just got promoted to League One, but they’re already dreaming of making it back to the Premier League for the first time since they nearly destroyed themselves financially in 2010.

Remember Ravel Morrison? Not many of us do. He came through the MUFC youth ranks with Paul Pogba, and most people thought Morrison was better. What happened to him?

Brondby supporters showed their class by showering an FC Copenhagen player with dead rats as he lined up a corner kick.