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PSG reportedly to offer €55m for Alexis Sanchez

This according to Yahoo Sport FR

Middlesbrough v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

With Paris Saint-Germain finding themselves in a dogfight for a league title they’ve rolled to in recent years, and with another high-profile exit from the Champions League despite sky-high expectations, it’s natural for the big spending Parisian club to be linked to summer reinforcement who are seen to be the missing piece to get them over the edge in all competitions.

It now appears that Alexis Sanchez might be that piece.

Per Yahoo Sport FR via Get French Football:

Before you start panicking (if you want Alexis to stay) or start counting Arsenal’s new influx of funds (if you want Alexis to go), be sure to check Yahoo Sport FR’s reliability. Get French Football’s account goes on to state that Yahoo Sport FR “have recruited well in terms of transfer-based journalists” but at the same time we should be wary of this report until slightly more concrete sources provide more information on this supposed deal.

That being said, PSG makes sense for all three parties. For Alexis he’d be going to an ambitious club with European title hopes, Arsenal would be making a profit on their investment in him and would get him out of the league where he can’t hurt them and PSG would be getting another bonafide world class attacker to pair with their bevy of high-priced toys.

This rumor could very well be nothing but clickbait but if Alexis has to leave this probably would be the most ideal rumored landing spot of the ones we’ve heard in recent times.