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Wednesday cannon fodder: Arse-kicking Knick flipping cheapened trophies

Wet Weather Hits Auckland Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

It absolutely does not qualify as good news that Marc Bartra was injured in an explosion as Dortmund rolled up to the Westfalenstadion for their Champions League game against Monaco, but it’s absolutely good news that his relatively minor injuries (broken wrist and some lacerations) were the only ones in that horrifying event.

Meanwhile, Dortmund fans were busy proving that humanity may in fact be worth saving, despite most evidence on offer, by offering traveling Monaco fans places to stay until the rescheduled match, via social media.

Meanwhile, in the other quarter final, Barcelona is setting up another heroic comeback by going 3-0 down to Juventus in Turin.

Did you know that Carmelo Anthony owns a soccer team?

The USL’s Oklahoma City Energy scored a very...acrobatic goal last night.

Arsenal legend Tony Adams is about to start managing Granada, and he is doing it in the most English way possible, because clearly what every team needs in order to improve is a “kick up the arse”.

The EFL changed the format for its EFL Trophy this season, allowing some Premier League under-21 sides to what is normally a competition reserved for lower league teams and also mandating what players a team can be comprised of. This hasn’t gone over well with either fans or clubs, and now EFL clubs are going to vote on whether to scrap the changes and go back to the way it was before.