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Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich 2017 live stream: Time, TV schedule, and how to watch Champions League online

Exit Day is here!

Aerial Views Of Central London
It’s in there
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We’ve known this day was coming for two weeks now, and here it is - the day Arsenal exit the Champions League. Again. To Bayern Munich. Again. At the Round of 16. Again.

I know I’m supposed to be optimistic; I know I’m supposed to make you feel like there’s a chance. But Arsenal are a mess right now, and even if they weren’t 5-1 down, this would be, to be charitable, an inopportune time to face Bayern.

So, here’s a game thread. Have at it. I would ask that you remember that we’re all Arsenal fans; be nice to each other, don’t start calling people (players, commenters, whoever) names, and let’s just try to get through this with our dignity intact and move on to Lincoln at the weekend, shall we?


Arsenal v. Bayern Munich
UEFA Champions League


11.45 AM PT/2.45 PM ET/7.45PM BT


Emirates Stadium, London


In the US: Fox Sports 1, ESPN Deportes, FoxSoccer2Go
In the not-US, check