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Monday cannon fodder: Zlatan’s elbow, Argentinians, and a bad Russian idea

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Minnesota United FC  v Portland Timbers
At this rate he’s gonna need a new log in a month
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Howdy. How was your non-Arsenal weekend? I had a great night at the Timbers game Friday night watching the home team win 5-1 - apologies to our Minneapolis/Minnesota readers - and then spent the rest of the weekend doing basically nothing. This is the first nothing weekend we’ve had in a couple months, and it was glorious. Watched TV, read a bit, and just generally zoned out.

You know who didn’t do nothing? Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He elbowed a dude in the head. To be fair, this was after the dude he elbowed tried to stomp on Zlatan’s head, so I guess I’d be mad too.

The England women’s team stunned the US in the SheBelieves Cup yesterday, winning 1-0 for their first victory over the US women since 2011.

FourFourTwo runs down who had a good weekend and who had a bad one. Guess who they list in the “bad” column?

A key to MLS’ evolution and improvement in the last few seasons has been its influx of Argentinian talent.

Russia has a unique solution to hooligan violence: make it its own sport. I’m gonna go on the record and say I’m skeptical that’s a good idea.