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Alexis was benched for storming out of training

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And things apparently got heated in the dressing room

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League
Alexis during the second half of yesterday’s Liverpool match
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Alexis Sánchez was dropped for the first half of Arsenal’s disastrous showing against Liverpool yesterday, and the reason for this wasn’t entirely clear. Well, now The Guardian has a report that clears things up a bit.

Apparently, Alexis stormed out of a training session earlier in the week, after what The Guardian calls, “ . . . an incident with another player.” The report goes on to state that when players returned to the changing room, some of them got into an argument with Alexis.

In and of itself, a player storming out of a training session isn’t a sky-is-falling situation. But Alexis still hasn’t signed a new contract with the club, and as The Guardian writes, “ . . . [he] has cut an increasingly agitated figure over recent weeks, as the club’s hopes of success in the Premier League and Champions League have fizzled out.”

So, between this and Alexis’ general behavior over the past few weeks, the prospects of him re-signing are getting dimmer and dimmer. Combine this with the uncertainty of Özil’s contract and Wenger’s status, and it’s a precarious time for Arsenal Football Club.