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Wenger on Alexis: “He’s happy here”

Boss think Arsenal’s star striker is happy but worries about that ankle

Arsenal FC v FC Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
See? Happy handshakes all around... yeah...
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Quick on the heels of Alexis Sanchez stating he was “happy in London and I want to finish my contract”, Arsene Wenger has echoed those sentiments that Alexis is wanted and pleased to be with Arsenal.

"I think personally he's happy here. It's true that we have not extended his contract yet. I hope that he will stay at the club but overall I think you have as well to be very cautious when people give interviews in their home countries.

"As you said, the interpretation is not always exactly what they wanted to say. I don't see anything in that - he said he wants to win the championship, that's what everybody wants. I can understand that completely."

So, there you go. Put away all the controversy; all parties are happy.

Clearly, there isn’t much either could say differently. Actively wanting out or wanting to sell a player with eleven games left doesn’t suit either side. But with contract negotiations on hold, it feels like a wait and see situation that could quickly become heated again come season’s end. Until then, it’s business as usual on the field.

At least, one would hope so. Wenger also received updates on Alexis’ ankle which could very well just be a mass of bone jelly, held together with athletic tape.

"We got a message from him... [his ankle] was swollen.

"The only thing we didn't know was whether the ligament had been touched or not. It was just a kick. When the swelling and the bone bruising went down, he could normally play.

Not ideal to be taking the player’s word for it when the player is Alexis “I play every damn minute” Sanchez on a Chilean team desperate for points in World Cup qualifying. Having been subbed off vs West Brom to protect it yet then playing 180 minutes for Chile, you can be forgiven if Sunday’s game is spent praying to whatever the deity of bones and ligaments is to hold that foot together.