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Alexis wants to...(gulp) finish contract

The Chileno says he is happy at Arsenal fighting for titles—but does that help?

Arsenal v Lincoln City - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Alexis Sanchez has spoken on his future today from Chile, but not in way that will clarify the picture at all. Speaking at a promotional event in the capital Santiago, when asked about his contract with Arsenal, according to The Guardian, the forward said, “I’m happy in London and I want to finish my contract. That’s what I want. I like to stay in one place, one city, where the team fights for titles.”

The obvious joke here is that means that he wants to join Chelsea (or in a less obvious but perhaps better joke, Tottenham Hotspur), but that is a pretty charitable interpretation. What is not a joke, however, is that his words work as a clever way to force Arsenal’s hand. Arsenal would be foolish to allow him to simply finish out his contract, so if his stance is that he wants to simply finish his deal, the club may have to act.

Here’s hoping that Alexis really does not only want to finish his current deal but wants to extend it and stay at Arsenal, because frankly the thought of him in Chelsea blue next year makes me upset.