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Robert Pirès believes Wenger will stay

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Pirès remains involved with the club

Arsenal Training Session
Robert Pirès watching on during an Arsenal training session
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Another piece of evidence that Arsène Wenger is going to renew his contract with Arsenal has emerged. Legendary Arsenal player Robert Pirès has recently said that he believes Wenger will stick around for a little while longer, as reported by ESPN FC.

As the report notes, Pirès remains involved with Arsenal, and is still close with Wenger. So it stands to reason that he may have, if not insider information, at least some insight into Wenger’s though process.

“In my opinion, he will renew his contract, at least for one season. He is motivated and willing,” Pirès said. “Arsene has an offer on the table. He has to sign it. He has the backing of the president.”

Given that Arsenal is currently in a horrible slump and is in real danger of missing out on next year’s Champions League, at this point most fans would probably agree it is time for Arsenal’s longest-tenured manager to call it a career.

Even Pirès recognizes things have to change. “[Wenger] has to continue and if he does, he needs to change many things. That is the most important thing for him and for Arsenal. We will see what happens,” he said.