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Tuesday cannon fodder: Low percentage Blind Stacks

Nigeria v Senegal - International Friendly
Think he’s gonna score from this? Think again
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Jury duty continues today. I got on and concluded a trial yesterday, we’ll see if the same thing happens today. How’s your Tuesday so far?

Remember the Invincibles? Sure you do. Remember Graham Stack? You probably don’t.

Netherlands coach Danny Blind started an inexperienced 17 year old in a World Cup qualifier. The Netherlands lost the game. The confluence of those two facts cost him his job.

Apparently Arsene tried to sign Monaco’s Tiemoue Bakayoko in November, but he turned them down.

The next time you insist that your favorite team score from that corner that looks soooo obviously like an easy scoring opportunity, remember this number: 3.2. That is the percentage of corners in the Premier League that turn into goals.

Is geography the biggest challenge in supporting an MLS team? Some people think it might be. (I’m skeptical)

Who has spent the most money in the Premier League in the last 20 years? And where does Wenger rank on that list (NARRATIVE CRUSHER ALERT: very high)?

Might Everton be looking stateside to replace the probably-departing Romelu Lukaku?