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So, we’re back! What did we miss?

We were...unavoidably detained.

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General Views of Arena Amazonia - FIFA World Cup Venues Brazil 2013
this looks like maybe where we were
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

After a harrowing 24 hours, in which the TSF staff was feted with a glorious dinner only to find that it was full of horse tranquilizers, which knocked us out and allowed the CFC staff to lock us all in a room and take over TSF for the day, we finally were able to claw our way to freedom. We’ll publish that story very soon - it’s quite the adventure.

Now that that’s done, I want to thank CFC for making this so much fun. I don’t know if you realize, but it’s a lot of work running a blog, and Dustin ran two today - he’s the one that made all this happen. He and his staff knocked it out of the park again, and if you haven’t caught up on all of it, I encourage you to do so. It’s great.

I also want to thank ZenPop and the other TSF’ers that hung around and joined in the fun - I get that it’s not easy seeing things we take seriously be mocked, but again, CFC does a great job. And the fact that y’all TSF’ers can have fun with it is the best.

Turns out the world didn’t stop while we were unavailable, so here’s what we’re catching up on:

Guess who else lost a bet and had to pay out today? Piers Morgan, that’s who.

Mathieu Flamini’s transition into Tony Stark continues.

For once, a conversation about Worst Arsenal Player Ever doesn’t involve Francis Coquelin!

It’s awesome that Arsenal are doing stuff like this at their youth levels.

Arsene Wenger is still a huge fan of Alexandre Lacazette.

Mesut Özil is at the “I’m still very happy here” stage of public contract negotiations.