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WATCH: Saluting our Troopz, An ode to an Arsenal Fan TV legend

He's one of our blud fam, he's one of our bluuuuddddd faaam. Troopz, he's one of our blud fam.

Arsenal Fan TV

Arsenal fans often get a bad reputation. Partially because of Piers Morgan, and partially because Gooners often like to express themselves in embarrassing ways. Whether it’s #WEXIT or wearing a captain’s armband to a match, they can certainly make you cringe.

But there is one Arsenal fan who deserves to be celebrated. You may know him as “the blud fam guy”, but his real name is “Troopz”. Here are his finest moments from what has been a glorious season to watch Arsenal Fan TV.

We’ll let our compilation video speak for itself, but this man is an Arsenal treasure. If Thierry Henry and Tony Adams deserve statues outside the Emirates, surely Troopz does too.