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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Blown calls, banned referees, and bad parents

DFL New Year's Reception
Superleague? Nein
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for DFL

Reminder: Winter is coming. Unlike all those people walking through the snow or beheading people to no apparent purpose, though, we know when winter is coming: Friday.

In very good news for those of us who think there’s plenty of soccer in the world already, Karl-Heinz Rumenigge has retracted his previous support for a European Super League, which would have been the world’s most boring competition.

Liverpool, of course, are trying to become a regular member of the Top Four Club. They face some trickier roads to get there than a lot of clubs, though.

27 year old Ryan McBride of Derry City Football Club passed away hours after a match this weekend after complaining of “not feeling well”, because the world can’t have nice things. For all of its history, its politics, and its conflict, Ireland is a small nation, and this loss will have been felt nationwide regardless of team affiliation.

Sports parents are the worst.

The Leicester City match that was postponed due to the Lincoln City FA Cup match is now set for Wednesday, April 26.

Do you live in the US? Do you like pointless exhibitions featuring guys still on their summer vacation playing 45 minutes then calling it a day? You’re in luck!

FIFA has banned a referee for life after a blown call in World Cup qualifying.