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Adventurous Giroud wants Wenger renewal

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They’re two Frenchmen on a London adventure.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud has decided he does not want his London adventure to end without Arsene Wenger yelling instructions to him from the touchline. Giroud follows Hector Bellerin on the list of recent players speaking out to show their support for Arsene Wenger in Le Boss’ ongoing contract situation.

Wenger’s players have always been extremely loyal to him, and it is no surprise to see his compatriot, Giroud, come out in support of him remaining in charge. Since Wenger brought Olivier to Arsenal, the Frenchman has been a regular in the side - and in the French national team - scoring 94 goals for the Gunners since 2012.

Oliver Giroud followed his backing of Wenger with an expression of his ambitions to still finish in the top 4 and to win the FA Cup. The Gunners currently sit in sixth place on 50 points, two spots below Champions League qualification with nine matches left in the season. Giroud and Co have recently qualified for the semi-final of the FA Cup and will take on Manchester City on April 23rd at Wembley.