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Monday cannon fodder: They’re coming

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What happened this weekend?

FC Zenit St. Petersburg vs FC Arsenal Tula - Russian Premier League
FC Arsenal Tula, that’s who
Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

Hey! Remember last summer when we tried to raise more money than CFC and didn’t, so we lost a bet, but still raised a ton of money? The time to pay that bet out is coming. It’s happening this Friday. So, be ready, and look for more details later in the week.

In the US, this weekend was basically all about one thing - March Madness. For the uninitiated, it’s the start of a three-weekend-long single elimination tournament featuring 64 college basketball teams that slows the typical American workplace to a crawl for several days a week as people talk about the games, their brackets, and the upcoming matchups.

The bracket thing is huge; brackets range from being free among friends for fun to having serious buy-ins and prize funds. But this year I think I found the best prize available, for the impossible (no, seriously, it’s impossible) task of picking a perfect bracket: you can win a million-dollar house in LA (or a million dollars). Considering that no bracket submission in the history of the tournament has ever had a perfect bracket, I think he’s not sweating losing his house.

The lack of planning for Arsene’s successor is very frustrating, but I don’t think they’ll need anything as elaborate as the plan of succession built for the death of the Queen.

You ever have one of those times when you wish you hadn’t said anything?

Is its penchant for attacking at all costs the Premier League’s fatal flaw, at least when it comes to competitiveness of its teams in Europe?

Starting next season, Premier League teams will be allowed to display more advertising on their shirts.

FourFourTwo ranked the 20 best places to watch soccer in the US.

At one of those places, the Timbers remained unbeaten. At another, the Sounders picked up their first win.

Minnesota United earned their first MLS point in Colorado.