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We were just wondering what you think

Would you indulge us?

We spend a ton of time making this site, and I know a lot of you spend a ton of time reading it. At least I hope you do. Anyway, it struck me today that we haven’t really ever asked you about your reading habits, desires, and needs. THAT CHANGES TODAY, PEOPLE!

Anyway, I whipped up a little survey that I hope you’ll take; it’s only a few questions, shouldn’t take more than like five minutes, and doesn’t even require you to tell us who you are! It’s just a way we can hopefully keep TSF calibrated to your interests and to make sure you know we actually do want to hear from you.

I turned off comments for this post, because I really want your input via the survey - it’s easier to keep track of that way. That isn’t a canary/coalmine situation - this is one of the only times comments will ever be off.

So, here’s the survey - we really do want to hear from you, and we appreciate your feedback!