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Arsene Wenger on Barca vacancy: “No”

That seems plain.

FC Barcelona v Levante UD - La Liga
He won’t be coaching here
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Hey guess what another day another Arsenal coaching rumor. Hooray. Anyway, today’s rumor is not about who will replace Arsene, but about what Arsene might do next. As you may have heard, Barcelona’s Luis Enrique has decided to leave at the end of this season, creating one of the few vacancies a manager at Wenger’s level might be interested in should he move on.

But, when asked if he would be interested in the Barcelona job today, Arsene had this to say:


So, that’s that. He did say some other things, though:

I am not looking for jobs in other clubs or jobs off other people. I am focused on me, getting to the next level

What that “next level” means, I have no idea, but at least we know that Arsene didn’t see the Help Wanted section in the Barcelona edition of Nickel Ads and say “hey that sounds good” while finishing up his resume.

His focus, and his team’s, is on getting off to a strong start at Liverpool, not where he will end up in June.