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Wenger says he’s made a decision about his future

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We’ll know soon, he says

West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal - Premier League
Arsenal’s long-time manager could be nearing the end
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

It looks like the long Arsenal nightmare that is the uncertainty over Arsène Wenger’s future may finally be over. Per Sky Sports, Wenger said after today’s loss to West Bromwich Albion, “Don't worry, I know what I will do in my future so you will soon know, very soon.”

Wenger’s status is certainly a controversial one among fans. Today’s match saw two planes flying competing “No Contract #WengerOut” and "In Arsene We Trust #RespectAW” banners.

Wenger himself had to say of the planes, “I watched the game. I do not watch the stands. I believe we have to live with that. You focus on your job no matter what people think.” A classy response from someone who has endured quite the amount of public vitriol over the years.

However, the #WengerOut crowd is probably right at this point, and that’s hard to type for someone who became a fan of Arsenal because of Wenger. But the club is in free fall, slipping down the Premier League stands and with contract uncertainty surrounding numerous key players. Perhaps Wenger announcing he’s leaving could inspire the players to rally for one last push to secure the Champions League.