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Wednesday cannon fodder: What you got?

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I need recommendations!

'Bajillion Dollar Properties' Season 2 Seeso Original Screening At the ACE Hotel In Downtown Los Angeles
These people make great podcasts and TV
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Seeso

Rather than the usual link-dump today, I’m gonna ask questions. Not onerous questions, though, fun ones!

I’m always looking for new things to engage with. Today I want to hear about Twitter follows. I don’t follow that many people or things, and I’m not looking to dive headlong into doing so, but I would love to hear of your favorite Twitter follows, as long as they’re any one or any combination of:

- Funny (weird funny is good, as is more conventional funny)
- Informative. Like science or nature or animal facts or things like that, not like breaking news-type stuff.
- Sports-ish. I don’t really want to start following athletes unless their twitter is good (Dan Haren and Brandon McCarthy come to mind), but are there fun/interesting sports follows out there?
- Music related, like song-of-the-day or best-of type tweets

I’m also on the lookout for good podcasts. My current faves include:

- Comedy Bang-Bang. The gold standard for surreal improv comedy. I am fully in the tank for anything relating to this show - I listen to Spontaneanation, I love Lauren Lapkus, and if they’ve been on CBB I’m probably a fan, but would love to hear any recs that are similar.
- Judge John Hodgman. I was a late convert to this, just started listening to it about a month ago, but it’s pretty great.

But really, any podcast recommendations about sports, pop culture, or music would be welcome.

Also: have you read any good books lately? Any good music to recommend?

So, let’s have it - let me know your favorite stuff.

But also, don’t be shy; feel free to talk about anything here - this is an open thread, after all. Podcasts, soccer, baseball, the NCAA tournament, pretty much anything that isn’t religion or politics is fair game. This is your space, use it for what you want! If you’re not a regular commenter, maybe take this chance to duck in and say hi! We’re friendly!