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Tuesday cannon fodder: Shakespeare, headers, and gracious winning

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Shakespeare's First Folio Edition To Be Sold
not this one
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

How was everyone’s Monday?

Jose Mourinho and Manchester United had a bad day at Chelsea, and he was gracious in defeat, as usual.

Cristiano Ronaldo probably spent the day enjoying that he set a meaningless record for Real Madrid on Sunday.

Craig Shakespeare got at least a couple months’ worth of job security today.

One of the criticisms of the US throughout its soccer history is that the country produces great athletes without elite technical skills. At least one writer thinks that the pathological US need to outwork opponents, to win the “second ball”, as opposed to never losing the ball in the first place or being better at the technical aspects of the game, is to blame for this.

A game in Brazil descended into chaos, as an on-pitch fight soon involved fans.

In an era where English TV companies are paying more and more for the rights to broadcast football, fewer and fewer people are watching the games on TV.