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Wednesday cannon fodder: Hump day

Half way through the week.

Genoa CFC v Bologna FC - Serie A
I searched for “March”, this is what I found
Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Here we are, on Wednesday. Half way through the week. How’s your week going so far? Anything happen of note that you want to share?

Something wacky happened as Newcastle regained top spot in the Championship yesterday:

Something wacky also seems to be happening between Chelsea and Dutch club Vitesse Arnhem.

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan is selling off all his soccer holdings, including his stake in MLS 2018 entrant LA Football Club.

Paul Pogba had plates thrown at him after he refused an autograph request.

Mario Gotze, meanwhile, has been ruled out indefinitely because of a “metabolism disorder”.

You know what’s awesome? Inclusiveness. You know who’s good at that? Our own Thomas Wachtel’s Indy Eleven FC. Anything over $1000 is going towards swag for the ticket recipients.

One of the problems with the Major League Soccer League Soccer League has historically been a lack of transparency about how roster construction works. That era is gone, as MLS is increasingly becoming more public about how teams are allowed to build.