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Monday cannon fodder

Yay another work week!

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League
I wonder if someone bought him a snack
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Happy Monday, everyone. No, not the annoying 90’s band; the actual day of the week. Ben’s off getting ready for his new job, so here I sit, making sure your linky goodness is still available, because that’s how we roll.

Let’s start out with the question on everyone’s mind: is it time for Arsenal to move on from Arsene Wenger? Second question: if so, to whom should they give the job? (Apologies in advance, but I think this video is geoblocked to the US)

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain did something that apparently means something on social media, then un-did it. CONTROVERSY.

Glen “I managed Tottenham for two years and my best finish was ninth” Hoddle says that Mesut Özil plays worse in big games.

Hector Bellerin says he’s feeling better, although no diagnosis or timetable for his return has been announced.

A healthy-again Mohamed Elneny scored Egypt’s only goal, but Cameroon won the Africa Cup of Nations final 2-1 yesterday.

Speaking of feeling better, USMNT and Seattle Sounders midfielder Clint Dempsey played 30 min last night in a friendly, his first action since revealing a heart condition in August of last year. He looked pretty good, but no decision has yet been made on his status or availability for the regular season, which starts the first week of March.

Paul Pogba has his own emoji. And now it’s on his shoes.

A match between Huddersfield and Leeds ended in a brawl, thanks to the managers. If Arsene got four games for shoving a ref, it’ll be interesting to see what Huddersfield’s David Wagner gets for this.

How mainstream is soccer in the US getting? Garth Brooks is teaching it to kids now.