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Andries Jonker, Freddie Ljungberg leave Arsenal Academy

Movin’ on to bigger and better things.

Chicago Fire v Chivas USA
Chicago Fire legend Freddie Ljungberg
Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Today sees some shakeups in Arsenal’s academy setup, most notably in that the guy who runs the whole thing, Andries Jonker, is leaving. Jonker’s been at Arsenal since taking over for Liam Brady in 2014, and in that time has seen the Academy produce players like Kieran Gibbs, Alex Iwobi, and Jack Wilshere, and just generally turn the Academy around after several less-than-great seasons.

Jonker has accepted the head coaching role at Wolfsburg. In addition to taking all the stuff from his office, including a few posters, maybe a pen or two, and that desk thing with the swinging metal balls which he says is totally his even though it was there when he got there, he’s also taking Freddie Ljungberg, who worked with Jonker at the Academy as the U15’s coach, along as assistant coach.

This obviously leaves a pretty big hole at the top of the Academy setup, and they’ve already expressed an interest in hiring Barcelona’s Pep Segura, but nothing has been concluded on that front yet.

It’s sad to see Ljungberg leave the club, but I’m excited that his coaching career is taking a step forward; we wish both Jonker and Ljungberg well in their new roles.