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Monday cannon fodder: BEES

Urban Beekeeping On East London Rooftops
The next England team?
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

How was everyone’s weekend? We went wine tasting Saturday, which is always fun. Then we watched the Academy Awards yesterday, and oh man - can you believe that (insert film here) won Best Picture? And how about that (upset/lack of drama - delete as appropriate) surrounding (actor/actress)’s (win/not win) oh wait who am I fooling I’m writing this Sunday afternoon at like 2PM.

As all the cool golf kids say, to the links!

Manchester United Zlataned their way to the EFL Cup yesterday.

I’m a sucker for a good tifo, or choreo, or whatever you want to call them. And Real Betis’ display yesterday, before their derby match with Sevilla (which Sevilla won, by the way), was pretty great:

You know what I don’t love? Diving combined with crap refereeing. Oh look, from Croatia this weekend - here’s both at once!

A team in the Vietnamese league was also not happy about a refereeing decision, and now two of their players are suspended for two years because of their in-game protest (and a coach was suspended for three).

Starting in 2018, Turner and Univision will have US Champions League broadcast rights. How this will impact their stock of Law & Order reruns remains to be seen.

Scientists in England have taught bees to play soccer. Which mostly means England can now add “Colony collapse” to their list of reasons why the English team never makes it very far in tournament play.