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Hector Bellerin linked to Barcelona again for some random reason

Slow news day

Southampton v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Given that Arsenal have, what seems like, a bajillion days in between matches, local and foreign press have decided to spend this time churning up tired old transfer rumors because of course they have.

One of these rumors that just will not die is the impending transfer of Hector Bellerin to one-time club FC Barcelona. Yes, the same transfer which has been shot down multiple times, is back with a caveat: Bellerin is questioning his commitment to Arsenal due to Arsenal’s commitment (or lack thereof) to Arsene Wenger.

From The Guardian via Mundo Deportivo:

Héctor Bellerín would consider an offer from Barcelona in the summer, if Arsène Wenger was to leave Arsenal. The Spanish right‑back has emerged as a prime target for the Catalan club and the pursuit has begun, with the newspaper Mundo Deportivo splashing with the story of Barça’s interest... The Guardian understands that were Wenger to leave it would change Bellerín’s thinking – and it would impact on the futures of other key players, principally Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez, each of whom will have one year to run on their contracts in the summer.

Okay, so. First off, Mundo Deportivo is trash. Yes, it’s one of the bigger publications in Spain but it primarily serves as the Barcelona cheerleader and mouthpiece, in that order, and is a publication which believes Barcelona is entitled and destined to have any player they so desire. Of course, given Barcelona’s calamity at the rightback position this season it’s natural to turn to Bellerin but as we all know, Bellerin recently signed a brand new long-term deal with Arsenal. That’s not even mentioning that Barcelona isn’t exactly flush with cash right now and ready to spend the 40-50m needed to pry him away.

To be sure, all this could change if he is that dedicated to Wenger but he surely had to have known that the old man would only manage for so long when he signed his new deal. Recent on the pitch results and rumored discontent among a couple players could drive someone like Bellerin out, but by all accounts he’s deeply committed to this club and has publicly stated so on many occasions when Barcelona’s name came up.

On a 1-10 scale where 1 equals him staying at Arsenal for life and 10 is him currently flying to the Camp Nou, this is probably a 3 level rumor. On to the next one.