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Wednesday cannon fodder: Oscars

Movies and other stuff

Egypt Faces Uncertain Future Amid Political And Economic Upheaval Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The lovely mrs. pdb and I are continuing our always-late-and-never-complete assault on seeing all the Best Picture nominees tonight, when we go see Hidden Figures, which I’m really looking forward to. The only Best Picture nominee I don’t want to see is Hacksaw Ridge, but otherwise we’ll hopefully get to most of them this week. Are you a movie fan? An Oscar buff? Are you excited about Jimmy Kimmel hosting, or do you even care?

This is a pretty interesting perspective on what it means to be Arsene Wenger, or any top flight manager really, as seen through the eyes of Sutton United’s manager Paul Doswell.

After being wooed by MLS and other leagues, Mark Clattenburg has decided to become head of officiating in the Saudi league. He will, however, see the current Premier League season out before departing.

Monaco took an early lead at Manchester City, but the Citizens ended up winning 5-3 in a game best described as “bananapants”. Monaco’s vice president compared it to ice hockey.

The dream of being the first relegated team to win the Champions League - okay, that’s mostly my dream, but still - lives on as Leicester City take on Sevilla today.