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Sutton 0-2 Arsenal: Exactly what we expected.

Arsenal took Cinderella’s glass slipper and smashed it on the sidewalk.

Sutton United v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round
Ospina had a game to forget.
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The Gunners ended the wonderful Cinderella story of Sutton, 17th place in the fifth tier National League. It was a great story, and we stomped all over it. But they had their chances, notably a shot into the side netting after the ball was given to a Sutton player by a magical Colombian fairy. Then a shot from Roarie Deacon hit the crossbar in probably the best chance for Sutton. But Arsenal closed it out, and on to the next Cinderella story, Lincoln City, first place in the same league as Sutton.

Ospina making his case for the bench

Oh, David. He gifted the ball to Sutton’s May right before the half which almost lead to a goal. Then the backup made a real dog’s breakfast of a ball in which luckily ended up over the crossbar. Now obviously Ospina is a good player. While he clearly possesses technical skill, his decision-making seems to let him down a bit too often. A bit of a rough game for the Colombian, but luckily, no harm done.


After a nice passing play, Walcott finally got his 100th, cementing his place in the record books. I thought it might’ve been Theo on the first goal, but he didn’t quite manage to connect with the curling cross in from Lucas which opened the scoring. But Theo finally got his just deserts early in the second half, hitting in a deflected cross from Nacho Monreal. While Theo is often maligned among Gooners, this is a really impressive milestone and should be respected. Until his next goal, then we can start making fun of him again.

Wayne Shaw eats a pie.


On the bench.

During the game.

To be fair though, all of Sutton’s subs were used up, so there’s no chance he would’ve come on. Also, if he’s gonna take up as much of the goal as possible, he has to keep packing it on. So good on ya, mate. Wayne Shaw really embodies the spirit of football; having a great time. He was even spotted in the stadium bar at halftime. Amazing.