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Thursday cannon fodder

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League
This may be bad for your head
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Even yet still more substitutey goodness today, as Ben’s still off doing Ben things. Links ahoy!

Here’s an interesting piece from 17 years ago that raises some still-relevant questions about whether football would be better off without transfer fees.

In news that will no doubt shock you, it turns out that repeated heading of a soccer ball may increase one’s risk of concussion!

Going back to our “rule change” chat last week, it turns out soccer’s actually considering the “sin bin” idea and may start to implement it soon.

In what could be considered the single most important news story of the modern age, Manchester United now have 10 million Twitter followers. Arsenal are hot on their heels with over 9 million. I have approximately three hundred.

Like those dumb commercials where a dude stows away on a boat to get to the Champions League final? Get set for more of them, as Heineken renewd their deal as the main CL sponsor. for three more seasons.